Wednesday, 7 August 2013


What more can I say, it's Abbey!  Love love love this girl to bits with her wacky style, defined jaw line and bleach blonde hair.  I have to admit Abbey was the first model/muse I fell in love with when I first found my interest in the fashion industry, mostly because of her impeccable bohemian street style!  Now Abbey's wardrobe would definitely be one I wouldn't mind swapping with... although I do admit some of them are too crazy for me to pull off!

She has managed to ace the mix between grunge and hippie, mixing textures like satin and velvet, combining colours like bright purple and copper and playing with layers.  
So take your time and see what you think of Abbey's style (by the way, you have to say you like it...)

Comment below on you favourite outfit, I'd have to say mine would be number 9. Xx