Thursday, 28 March 2013


This recent Celine range that was released for Autumn Winter Collection for 2013/14.  I'm in love with this range as it's comprised of crisp cuts, neutral colours and woolen designs that of course are my favourites!
Designer Phoebe Philo is going from strength to strength since her first range launch in 2008!  Staying on trend whilst experimenting and trying new things, she hasn't gone wrong yet!

Adore this top- so sophisticated!

Notice the bags where your arm can fit right through!

Addition of knits and wools to add texture to the range.

Oversize coats are going to be massive in winter!  Can't wait to get mine.

How cuddly would his be!

Explored various cuts and shapes.

Simplistic and minimalist!  My favourites! 

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Rosie Tupper: Editorial

Rosie Tupper has to be be of my favourite models at the moment, with her baby face features and a body to die for!  Below is an editorial she participated in by the name of 'Field of Dreams".  This is photographed by Nicole Bentley and she beautifully captures the essence of the editorial that screams romance, floral and girly!  

Stylist Meg Gray has chosen lovely girly, pastel, neutral colours in an outback country scene that works so well!

Love, love, love those pants!

Would love to cut my hair to look like this, what do you think of the look?

Friday, 22 March 2013


With her effortless brown tousled locks and smart sense of style, I find Christina Centenera my favourite (by far!) style icon.  Working as senior style editor at Vogue Australia and in a relationship with Josh Goot, who is one of my favourite designers, she is in constant contact with high fashion and fashionable styling.  I am in love with her amazing street style so much that I have a folder on my computer dedicated to Christina so I can keep up to date with her fashion styles! Crazy I know.  Take a look!

Leather and fur. She can't go wrong with that combination! 

Somehow finding a way to make trackies suitable for fashion week!?

Those leather pants again with a shear blouse and brassiere underneath.

WANT, want, want those shoes!

A fan of high angled boots.

Clean and crisp!

Ultimate cool! An outfit I'd love to wear.

Ugh are you in love too?

Friday, 15 March 2013

OLIVIA PALERMO. style crush

Olivia Palermo. Another one of my style crushes! With her effortless, girly and sophisticated style, I can now say I'm in love.  Known for the loose, wavy locks just below her shoulder and her cutsie style she has been muses for fashion lines and a proud customer of Chloe's gorgeous, girly design.

Did you notice the leopard shoes!

Also one to not shy away from flat shoes, something most people think are not 'classy' enough for fashion shows.

A winner!

Of course, who can go wrong with some fur.

Ultimate girly girl with pinks, mauve and browns.

Going neutral and it looks amazing.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Street Style!

Lately I have become more focused on street style because the clothes can be worn out and about, not limited to the runway only (and sometimes affordable!).  The likes of Christina Centenera began my obsession with street garments and I will do a page on her style soon I hope.  Below I have attached some of my favourites I've noted at Fashion Weeks.  I sense overcoats and jackets will become popular in the colder months and an oversize leather tote is a must, something I am definitely saving up for! Take a look. X

Simple yet, minimalist and smart.

A definite favourite!  Love the overcoat with a patchwork texture design.

Another favourite because of the splash of colour and I cannot go past fur!

More wool and fur garments!

Adorable for the brave who love a pop of colour!

Had to feature the gorgeous Alexa Chung.

Don't think I can disagree with any of Olivia Palermo's style choices. Ever.

Let me hear your favourite styles for this season! X