Friday, 8 March 2013

Street Style!

Lately I have become more focused on street style because the clothes can be worn out and about, not limited to the runway only (and sometimes affordable!).  The likes of Christina Centenera began my obsession with street garments and I will do a page on her style soon I hope.  Below I have attached some of my favourites I've noted at Fashion Weeks.  I sense overcoats and jackets will become popular in the colder months and an oversize leather tote is a must, something I am definitely saving up for! Take a look. X

Simple yet, minimalist and smart.

A definite favourite!  Love the overcoat with a patchwork texture design.

Another favourite because of the splash of colour and I cannot go past fur!

More wool and fur garments!

Adorable for the brave who love a pop of colour!

Had to feature the gorgeous Alexa Chung.

Don't think I can disagree with any of Olivia Palermo's style choices. Ever.

Let me hear your favourite styles for this season! X