Saturday, 13 April 2013

MBFW POST 4: Karla Spetic

Shear mesh cut-outs, white and crisp, silk and lace are the words that spring to mind when the Karla Spetic collection was released.  Have to admit these words make my ears prick up as you may have sensed my love on minimalism!  This show was definitely minimalism at it's best!

Love the bare middle cut-out.

Boy and Girl: boyish collared shirt paired with a cute girly full skirt!

Shear T-Shirt with brassiere showing through and a touch of lace made a devine outfit!

Not usually a fan of lace, but this works so well.

Cut-out features on the neck and shear rectangle down the front of the skirt add design and interest to th garments!

WANT this jumpsuit sooooo much!