Sunday, 6 January 2013

Abbey Lee Style Muse

Abbey Lee Kershaw is my all-time favourite style muse!  With her distinct style and effortless bohemian look, she manages to look amazing on all occasions.  Her ‘thrown together’ easy outfits scream relaxed and natural.  Although I have nowhere near the same budget as Abbey, I can always look to her dressing to give me some inspiration and tips on how to assist my own look.  Being one of the biggest names in the modelling and fashion industry in the 21st century, you can imagine how busy and in demand Lee would be.  Yet every time she steps outside, her look is fashionable and always has some extra funky addition.  Here are a few of my favourite attires worn by Abbey, that I would love to be able to wear!

Notice the same pair of black heel boots worn in three of the photos.  TIP: it’s worth buying a pair of good quality lasting shoes that could be paired with any outfit.

Hope you love her style too!