Wednesday, 26 December 2012

This is my beauty routine that I try to uphold to keep my skin looking healthy and the blood circulating to get the best looking face you can! This is only mine that I think suits my skin preferences and may not suit other skin types.

SUN CREAM: I try to wear sunscreen under all my makeup if I am leaving the house.  It is said that the worst and most damage is done to womens' skin in the first 15 minutes of being exposed to UV rays, during everyday activities like hanging clothes on the line and walking to and from a car.  Always apply sun lotion 20 minutes before sun exposure and re-apply after swimming.
Product: Sugar Baby, Suntanned Sweeties sheer zinc face and body cream

WASHING and CLEANSING: I was my face every morning before breakfast and before bed each night and cleanse.
Product: Estee Lauder soft clean cleanser on make up removal pads.
              Occasionally spray with Avene Eau Thermale spring water to freshen face.

MOISTURISER: Is applied after washing face every morning under all makeup or by it's self.  Take a few minutes to massage into skin to get blood circulating.
Product: Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Hydrant.

HAIR CARE: I smooth this over hair every night before bed focusing on ends.
Product: John Frieda full repair Inca Inchi oil

FOUNDATION: Only used to smooth skins complexion when needed (going out) and not as an everyday 'cover-up'.
Product: Maybelline Super Stay makeup- 24 hour foundation

EYE:  Once again, only used when needed to brighten and hide dark circles.
Product: Revlon Photoready eye primer and brightener.