Friday, 22 November 2013


These pictures have nothing in common except for the fact that they are all beautiful in a different way.  I'm trying to stay positive and seeing the good in everything.  

My mum is reading the Dalai Lama's book at the moment and I managed to sneak a look over her shoulder one day and the even small paragraph I read has had the power to inspire me greatly!  His simple way of rethinking problems is truly unique and I can't wait to grab it off her once she's finished!

My religion lesson at school the other day also made me think quite hard about all the positives in the world.  ( Sorry about the counselling speech?)  We had to do a "meditation walk" which involved walking around the green whilst meditating. Strange, huh. Funnily enough, I found this thoroughly enjoying and managed to take some photos of details in nature I would never usually notice. It really made me think how many beautiful things we miss in our busy lives and how a simple 5 minutes relaxing can help see the 'little things' again.

So, finished my rant, have a great weekend! X