Saturday, 21 September 2013

we are bandits

The 2 Bandits Holiday 2013 collection featuring my ultimate girl crush Anja Konstantinova has filled me with great wanderlust.  The laid back cruised feeling and amazing clothing are to die for.  These pieces are perfect for festivals and lazy days that will be plenty during summer. For me, I dream of travelling Australia via a road trip to see all the amazing wonders of my own country then eventually travel to explore the rest of the world! 

The bohemian lifestyle like in this lookbook is addictive for me coming from the northern beaches as I love love love the beach and fresh air!  This has just encouraged me more to pursue my dreams of having a carefree few months in the back of a Kombi, good music, great friends and sleeping on a different beach each night.  That's the life, right? 

P.S.  Anja is responsible for my new found love of cute, tiny tattoos.  Never in a million years would I go for a tattoo any bigger that my fingernail to be honest, but I have to admit I adore ALL of Anja's tattoos!