Friday, 22 February 2013

Dare to wear DENIM!

Denim can be seen as one of those daggy materials that are a struggle to make look good!  But, as we can see, denim is returning to the spotlight and is looking better than ever.  Ripped, flare, bootleg, boyfriend, skinny or coloured, the designs are endless.  The bravest out there will even try the double d- Double Denim! 

Above is some of my denim collection and as you can see I'm loving the trend!

I recently picked up a pair of high waisted Wrangler jeans for $8 at the Salvo's.  Donation to a charity whilst picking up a great bargain!  Second hand shops are probably your best bet for finding ripped, vintage jeans.

Caraline Brasch is a big one for the double denim look.  If done well (like Caroline) it works so well doesn't it!

Sarah Blomqvist braving the double denim!

As denim can sometimes be seen as a boring dull shade, add some colour and even fluro for the courageous
   just like Elena Perminova.

Denim jackets have an edgy rock chic feel.

Make a simple denim outfit classy by adding a coat or suit top like seen at New York Fashion week.

Will you be trying the demin trend this winter?